March 8, 2018

A new lettering for the fireworks card. It’s always nice to receive emails from fans – but this time I was really happy. A few days ago Kristijan Vulinovic sent me an additional lettering for the pop-up card “Fireworks”.

Holiday Pop-Up Cards

November 30, 2017

Tomorrow is December 1st. Now it won’t be long before Christmas. It is high time to think about Christmas cards. Would you like to make your own cards? Here you can find links to my free tutorials:

Christmas Tree

October 21, 2016

I created a new tutorial video for you. You can customize the colors and the decor for the Christmas tree according to your taste. The creation of the pop-up card needs some time, but I think that the outcome is worth the effort.


January 2, 2015

A happy, healthy and successful New Year to all of you! At the beginning of the year, I created a new tutorial video for you:


September 27, 2013

The making of this pop-up card is very easy, so it can also be used as a template for children or as a gift at the last minute:


July 23, 2013

Originally I had planned to create a red peony, that looks as real as possible. But then I noticed that this pop-up card looks also good in other colors. For the production of this card You need a bit of time – but it is definitely worth the effort!