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Tomorrow is the 1st of December. Now it won’t be long before Christmas. It is high time to think about Christmas cards.

Would you like to make your own cards? Here you can find links to my free tutorials:

It is not difficult to create the pop-up card “Christmastree”, but you should allow enough time for the assembling. The result is definitely worth the effort!

Link to tutorial: “Christmastree”

If you don’t have much time, you can still make the pop-up card “Star” at the very last minute.

Link to tutorial: pop-up card “Star”

You don’t feel like having Christmas, but still want to send greetings at the end of the year? In this case, the pop-up card “Fireworks” with the lettering “Happy New Year” is definitely a good choice:

Link to tutorial: “Fireworks”

More free tutorials for Christmas cards (from many different pop-up designers) can be found on “Best Pop-Up books”: Link to more free tutorials on

If you don’t want to make the cards yourself, you can also buy many of my pop-up cards ready to use.

The following offers are not available in every country. Please contact the dealer directly to find out if an order is possible.

I designed exclusive pop-up cards for the shop of the company LxBxH. They are also available as individually printed cards – for example with your company logo.

Link to the LxBxH Online shop

This year (2017) the following cards with Christmas and New Year’s motifs, which I designed, are available at the MoMA Online Store (the shop of the Museum of Modern Art in New York):

Link to the MoMA Onlinestore: Pop-Up Card “Modern Star”

Link to the MoMA Onlinestore: Pop-Up Card “Santa’s Sleigh”

Link to the MoMA Onlinestore: Pop-Up Card “New Year Fireworks”

All pop-up cards with christmas motifs available at the MoMA-Store can be found here: Link to MoMA Onlinestore

The following pop-up cards are available in the onlineshop of the designer and card maker Jens Gollnow:

The pop-up card “Poinsettia” is a classic for the Christmas season – with plenty of space for personal, handwritten Christmas greetings:


Link to Jens Gollnow’s online shop: Pop-Up Card “Poinsettia”

Each pack of the pop-up card “U Tower from Dortmund” contains coloured insert sheets which you can use to change the design of the tower over and over again. Of course there are also Christmas greetings included.

Link to Jens Gollnow’s online shop: Pop-Up Card “U tower from Dortmund”

If you plan to give a gift voucher for a restaurant visit, you can hand it over with this restaurant pop-up card:


Link to Jens Gollnow’s online shop: Pop-Up Card   “Garçon”

An overview of all Christmas cards from Jens Gollnow’s online shop can be found here: Link to Jens Gollnow’s online shop

I wish you all a Merry Christmas time!


  • You are a genius. You have made the tutorials easy to follow. I’ve tried the Christmas Star and the Christmas Tree. They actually turned out!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!
    Thank You so much for sharing your brilliance with us.

    and to the


    • Hi Bobbi, many thanks for your kind feedback. I am very happy that your cards turned out beautiful! I also wish you a wonderful Christmas time and all the best for 2018. Peter

  • Wow that’s so awesome!! 😀
    The tutorial is easy to follow too…
    Many thanks for the templates, tutorials, n of course for your ideas:D

    At least, Merry Christmas and happy new year from me n all Indonesian people:D
    God bless us…

    • Hi, this might be a misunderstanding. Please read the headline: ”MAKE THEM YOURSELF OR BUY THEM“. Some of the pop-up cards on this page are DIY projects for which I am providing free templates. Other designs on this page are commercial pop-up cards that are sold by my clients. (E.g. the MoMA Store). Of course, I am not allowed to share the templates for my commercial projects! All available templates can be found here: Designs that are NOT on this list are not available as free tutorials. I hope that I could help you with my answer. All the best, Peter

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