Tutorial: Pop Up Card “Fireworks”

A happy, healthy and successful New Year to all of you!
At the beginning of the year, I created a new tutorial video for you:

The template can be downloaded here for free: fireworks_pop_up_card_template_2018.pdf (PDF, 5,1 MB)
For private use only! No commercial use!

You will find more free tutorials in my Youtube channel.

This pop-up card can also be used to send new year’s greetings. The template contains also a the letterings “Happy New Year”.
Update 2018: The PDF template now contains also the lettering “Congratulations”, which was created by Kristijan Vulinovic. Thanks Kristijan!!


    • Hi greyrat,many thanks for your praise! Technically spoken, my templates are password protected, so you won’t be able to change the pdf files. I had some problems in the past – because some people replaced my logo and copyright notes with THEIR logos and claimed, that my designs where created by THEM. I ask for your understanding, that I decided to protect my files with a password. Please note, that my templates are free for private use only – if you want to create a commercial pop-up card, you need to create your OWN design. But for private use, you may modify my template. Since the pdf file is password protected, you have several choices: 1) Print my file, make your changes on the printed sheet, scan it on a flatbed scanner (or take a picture with your camera) and modify the photos on your computer.
      Or 2) Open the pdf files in “Acrobat”, make a screenshot and modify the screen shots on your computer (e.g. in Photoshop or a similar software). I hope that I could help you. With all best Peter

  • i understand. what i’m trying to do is basically making changes to see what works and what’s not, to better understand how this stuff works. my goal is to be able to make my own template from scratch.. so you won’t have to worry about me commercializing your template.
    and by the way, i was planning to do #2 since the beginning since i don’t know how to edit pdf, lol

  • Thank u sir , I have tried the flower pop up card the result was awesome and hope that this will also be as awesome as the one

    • Dear Krishna, many thanks for your comment. I am happy that you like the flower pop up card and I wish you all the best for the creation of the fireworks pop up card! Happy new year! Peter

  • Hi! Can you do more greeting like Good luck! or a blank one with alphabets to make personalised messages? I had to improvise when making a leaving card by hacking the letter around.

    • Dear Rick, many thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree, that it would be a wonderful idea, to have more different letterings for this card. But the effort to create all the different letterings would be very high. The creation of free tutorials and templates is something, that I do in my spare time. I don’t earn money with these tutorials. Usually, I need about 4 – 5 days to create a new template and a new tutorial video. I ask for your understanding, that I can’t invest more time to create several different design versions. I hope, that you will understand my point of view. Please take my design as an inspiration to create YOUR OWN designs. I wish you every success and much fun! With all best, Peter

  • Dear Peter,
    I am really impressed with the Pop-Up cards.
    Let me impress my wife by making and gifting one on her birthday…
    I wish to thank you for your wonderful creativity.

    • Dear Shajat,
      many thanks for your kind comment! I wish you much fun and every success with the creation of your own pop-up cards. I am sure, that your wife will be very happy about your gift. With all best, Peter

    • Dear Arjay, I am sorry, that the link didn’t work. I just tested it – and it was successful. But no worries: I will send you the template by email. With all best, Peter

  • Hey peter, it’s a great piece of work by you. I totally became a fan of you. It was just awesome.
    I have watched all videos ,you are great in creating such things.

  • hello peter dahmen!! I’ve just loved your pop-up cards and I wanna make them too but can you please tell me are there any templates for these pop-up cards

  • Hello, I’ve found a bit lacking in the POP UP CARD FIREWORKS – Page 1 of 6 FRONT SIDE. it is a box to box 5a paste into.

    • Dear Thanh, many thanks for your comment! No, this is not an error. The flap “5a” is NOT attached to the Element on page 1. The flap “5b” of the element “support for fireworks explosion #4” has to be attached to the element “fireworks explosion #3 middle” – BOTH pieces can be found on page 3 in the pdf file. I hope that I could help you. With all best, Peter

    • Hi, many thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I have made no tutorials with NO templates. But some of my tutorials are so easy, that you might not need a printed template. PLease have a look at the “star” card (link to star card) and to the “endless love” card (link to endless love card). I am sure, that you will be able to create these without having access to a printer. I hope that I could help you. With all best, Peter

  • hi Peter >> thanks so much for ur lessons >>> i`m origami desiner >>> i teach origamiand some arts for kids at Alexandria culture palace ( at Egypt ) and i say that u are amazing creative artist >> thx pater again and hope we can comunicate together

  • I wonder how i can print the front side on the back side but i dont know how because i cant edit the PDF. Can you please tell me how i can move the front page with the correct back side so i can print it out front and back?

    • Dear Marina Hana, many thanks for your message. You don’t need to edit the Pdf. Just print pages 1 – 6 (the front pages). Put the page 1 back into your printer, make sure that the sheet is facing in the right direction. Print page 7 on the back side of page 1. Put front page 2 into your printer. Print page 8 on the back page of page 2 … and so on. Please note, that all back sides are just solid black. Instead of printing on the back side, you may also glue the front pages on black paper. I hope, that I could help you. With all best, Peter

  • hey peter. Thanks so much for this tutorial. It was awesome. Would u be able to make tutorials for the more complex pop up’s ur done. Thanx

    • Dear Yannik, many thanks for your comment. I am happy that you liked my “fireworks” pop-up card tutorial. Please understand, that I don’t want to make tutorials for each and every design that I have ever created. Some of my complex pop-up sculptures are pieces of art. I sell them to private collectors and to museums. I ask for your understanding, that I can’t sell them and give away the templates for free at the same time. On my list with tutorials, you can find different templates in different difficulties, https://peterdahmen.de/en/category/tutorials/ but if a certain template is not on this list, it is nit available as a tutorial. With all best, Peter

  • Hey, great work…. But I wanna know if we could use hot glue gun also(Instead of other glue stuff) …. Pls let me know

    • Dear Saujas, I don’t recommend to use a hot glue gun for paper works. The glue is very thick, so it will always create a bulge between the paper layers. Especially, if you are assembling a pop-up card with many glueing areas, it is very difficult to create flat connections. Furthermore, I find it difficult to adjust the elements, if they are connected with hot glue, because it dries (cools) so quickly. To create a pop-up card that works perfectly, it is necessary to put the glue close to the folding lines. I find this very difficult with hot glue. I have not yet seen a pop-up card that was glued with hot glue, which had a good qualty. That’s why I don’t recommend it. But if you are used to work with a hot glue gun and if you can avoid all these issues as mentioned above, you may use it still. If you are new to working with paper, I would recommend a glue stick, double sided tape or fluid glue. I hope that I could help you. Good luck with your own paper creations! All the best, Peter

  • Hello Peter, i just want to ask what the name of paper that you use for make a pop up card. Because i can’t find that paper like your pop up.. Thank u.

    • Dear Allodie, many thanks for your comment. The best sort of paper depends on the sort of pop-up card, that you want to create. For the “fireworks” pop-up card on this page, I used ordinary inkjet printing paper. Just the koind that you are using in an office. But I used a heavy quality of approx. 150 g/m² – 160 g/m². For bigger pop-up sculptures, I am using paper that I buy at a local offset printer or a digital printing house. This paperboard is called “Chromium sulphate card” and it is available from different brand names. BUT: For most of the designs, you won’t need special paper. Most paper / paperboard that you have at home will be suitable. The best way is to try it out. You can find some general information about paper on the FAQ section of my website. Please click here: Which paper / which cardboard is best suitable for the construction of pop-ups?1 I hope that I could help you! All the best.

  • Hi Peter,

    I’m trying to print on iPad but getting password protected alert requesting a password. Could you please help.

    • Dear Sadie, I ask for your understanding, that I needed to protect the PDF file with a password. If you open it on an iPad, please try the following procedure: Open it with “ibooks” on the iPad. Klick on the small “share” icon (a square with an arrow that points outwards). Click on the printing symbol. Select your printer and print it. I hope that I could help you! All the best, Peter

    • Dear TepAB, many thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time at the moment, to create such a pop up card template. Furthermore, I think, that the design from “Fortnite” is protected by copyright laws – so I probably would run into problems if I would publish a pop-up card with with a motif from this game. But you could create such a card yourself! Please have a look at my list with helpful links and tutorials. (click here : Useful tips and links) There you will surely find enough informatuion to create you desired pop-up card. I wish you every success and much fun. All the best, Peter

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