Tutorial: Pop-Up Card „Star“

The making of this pop-up card is very easy, so it can also be used as a template for children or as a gift at the last minute:

The template can be downloaded here for free:  star_pop_up_card_template (PDF, 199 KB)
For private use only! No commercial use!

You will find more free tutorials in my Youtube channel


    • Dear Freddy, this is a misunderstanding. I don’t share the plans for all of my designs that I have ever created. Some of my paper sculptures are artworks. I only create them personally and only on request. The total edition is limited to 20 pieces worldwide.
      If you click on the button “tutorials“, you will find all available templates. Everything that is not on this list is not available as free template. More information can be found I the FAQ section on my website.
      I hope that I could help you with my answer. With best regards, Peter

  • I am so happy I found your tutorial on youtube……..I love watching you because you explain it so well and make it look simple. Thank you for what you do for us…..

  • I love this star pop up. It looks like it’s based on a fold I’ve just been playing with that’s often called the Turkish map fold (but it’s not Turkish apparently. I’m off to play some more and try a star shaped one!

  • Respected Peter Sir,
    I am from India and love to watch and try the artwork at home. You are really a gifted one to spread happiness and love in others life.
    Thanks for sharing your efforts and creations with others.
    May God bless you.

  • Hi Peter – my niece and daughter (and I) very much like your work – we are excited to try it out ourselves!! You are very talented and have beautiful work!

  • This is such a fun and classically beautiful design. Thank you for sharing it. I tried it on heavier cardstock and found it was not forgiving enough to fold back together easily. So heavier text paper is better than cover stock, I feel. But the directions, pattern, everything is very clear and easy to follow. And the results are creative and fun. You make it simple for me to look good. Thank you for sharing your craft with us.

    • Hi Jinky, you can make the star bigger, if you print it in larger size (e.g. 150 % or 200 %). Or you may print it at 100% and THEN you put it on the photocopier and copy it in 200% (or larger). Once you have made the star, you will quickly understand the principle. Once you have understood the principle, you will be able to make larger stars WITHOUT the need for a template. I wish you every success and much fun with the creation of your own pop-up cards. All the best, Peter

  • I’m struggling with seeing the video, stopping the video and then and doing it. Do you have a step by step instruction on paper perhaps? please.

    • Dear Bev, many thanks for your comment. No, there is no printed version (or PDF file) with step by step instructions. But if you print out the template and cut it out and THEN watch the video, you will surely understand how it is to be folded. Furthermore, the dotted lines on the PDF file indicate, which line needs to be folded forwards (valley fold) and which needs to be folded backwards (mountain fold). So I encourage you to just give it a try. Probably, you won’t even need to watch the video. I wish you every success and much fun! All the best, Peter

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