Tutorial: Pop-Up Card “Peony”

Originally I had planned to create a red peony, that looks as real as possible. But then I noticed that this pop-up card looks also good in other colors. For the production of this card, you will need a bit of time – but it is definitely worth the effort! This card is also very suitable as a gift.
The manual consists of 3 parts. Click on the icons at the bottom of the videos to activate closed captions in German or English.

You can download the colored template here:
flower_pop_up_card_template_color (PDF, 897 KB)
For private use only! No commercial use!

If you want to make your own designs, you can download a white template here:
flower_pop_up_card_template_white (PDF, 94,4 KB)
For private use only! No commercial use!

You will find more free tutorials in my Youtube channel.


  • Merry Chrismas Mr. Peter, I’m so respect your tutorial. May I ask you, how to make this pop-up flower while in my place there are not much kind or paper. Thank you

  • Dear Kalvin, many thanks for your best wishes. I hope that you had a nice Christmas too!
    The explanation, how to make the pop-up flower is in the videos right here on this page. You can download the templates by clicking on the links below the videos. I ask for your understanding, that I can’t give you any further help. If you live in a place, where it is difficult to receive paper in the sorts that are requestd for this certain design, I suggest, that you should create a different pop-up card. Other designs can also be created from waste paper/card stock/card stock from packaging, e.g. chocolate boxes. Please have a look at my list with many other tutorials: https://peterdahmen.de/en/faq/#FAQ003 I hope that I could help you. I wish you a happy New Year! Peter

  • its amazing! Thank you very much for templates and such detailed video tutorial!
    That was big challenge for the evening)

    Thank you!

  • Hola, disculpa, quisiera saber en que tamaño de hoja necesito imprimir estas plantillas. por favor. En hoja tamaño carta?? O tamaño oficio??

    • Dear Alvar Moises, many thanks for your comment. Please print the templates on paper in A4 size. Best regards, Peter
      (Traducido con Google:) Estimado Alvar Moises, muchas gracias por su comentario. Por favor, imprimir las plantillas en papel de tamaño A4. Muchos saludos, Peter

  • Thank you for the tutorial for such a beautiful card.

    How would I get the same shading as the peony with the purple center graduating to white tips.

    • Dear Michele, many thanks for your comment! I am happy that you like my design. To create petals with more than one color, (like the pink and white flower in my video), you need to print a colored gradient on all pages that are needed for the petals. Instead of printing, you may also paint each of the elements with color before you assemble them. But keep in mind, that the blossom is made of 11 pieces, and you have to paint (or print) on both sides. This makes so much effort, that I decided, not to show it in my video. Unfortunately, there is no quick method to do this. I hope that I could help you. All the best, Peter

      • Hi,
        since I like the white peonia with gradient colors of pink and purple, I tried to paint them with Promarkers. The ink passes through the paper and so you can see the colors on both sides. BUT, the assemblage is not clear to me yet…. I tried for a long time to get the right side of the circle N° 2 to match with N° 1 and then N° 3….
        In the video it seems that some parts of the circles have been cut so tha one part is missing… or it only “seems” because the paper is folded… I a bit confused…
        Thank you! Best regards. Vielen Dank!

        • Dear Sr Benedetta, many thanks for your comment. I am sorry that I am explaining the „peony“ not good enough. Unfortunately, many people write me messages, that they have trouble with the assembling. But I hope that I can help you. Please have a closer look at the video (Part one), especially at the seconds from 5:40 to 7:00
          Maybe it helps, if you switch on the english subtitles.
          Make sure, that you keep all the folding lines – don’t fold the piece flat!!

          The final „flower“ does NOT look like a FULL circle.
          Make sure, that you can see the printed numbers on the sides (as seen in the video at 6:57)
          Each piece has still it’s „zig zag“shape, but they are connected to one large element.

          At 7:02 you can see, how the element shall look, when you connect it to the next element of the flower.
          I hope that this will help you to create your own peony pop-up card!
          I wish you every success and much fun!
          With all best

          • Vielen Dank für Ihre freundliche und schnelle Antwort. Ja, ich habe das Tutorial mit Untertiteln in Englisch, gefolgt, weil … obwohl ich Deutsch mag, habe ich nicht die Möglichkeit haben, es zu lernen … Also, für die Pfingstrose wieder ich werde es versuchen. Ich beende die Kreise für den Augenblick zu färben und dann werde ich noch einmal zu der Versammlung geben. Ich wollte nur, um sicherzustellen, dass kein Teil der benötigten Kreise schneiden. Wieder Vielen Dank für Ihre Freundlichkeit und beste Grüße und Grüße aus Italien!
            Thank you so much for your kind and quick response. Yes, I have followed the tutorial with subtitles in English because … even though I like German, I did not have the opportunity to learn it … So, for the peony I’ll try again. For the moment I am finishing to color the circles and then I will give another try to the assembly. I just wanted to make sure that no part of the circles needed to be cut. Again, Thank you very much for your kindness and best regards and greetings from Italy!

          • You are welcome! Many thanks for your kind reply. Good luck with your card! Greetings from Germany to Italy 🙂
            (Translated with Google:)
            Sei il benvenuto! Molte grazie per la vostra gentile risposta. Buona fortuna con la vostra carta! Saluti dalla Germania verso l’Italia 🙂

  • vraiment félicitations pour toutes les œuvres que vous avez réalisées.
    Merci également pour les tutos que vous mettez à la disposition pour les amateurs
    de belles choses
    Bonne continuation et beaucoup de succès Amicalement.

  • Dear Peter
    I just finished making this card, and it’s absolutely fantastic! I made a small error in a segment of the petals, but hopefully no one will notice 😉 . I plan to use it as a Valentines Card for my girlfriend. Thank you very much for this tutorial, and keep up the amazing work 😀

  • What a wonderfully clear and well explained tutorial. This is fabulous and I will have to make it for Mother’s Day. My Mum will be very impressed.

  • Amazing art and wonderful imagination and engineering wahooo !!! thank you for sharing your skills, i am going to enjoy doing this and get inspired from it. Thank you Peter

  • Thank you for a beautiful card and such an excellent tutorial. I look forwaeprd to making this card and will definitely look at your you tube videos.

  • Dear Mr. Peter, you are a genius. I am inspired. Amazing art and wonderful imagination.
    I also making Sanjhi Art Stencils. I am very much interested to make such crds for personal and for my clients too. Guide me for the same. What is the cost of cards, please inform.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Dear Ajay Shah, many thanks for your comment. You may use all of my tutorials to create your own cards – but please note, that they are free for PRIVATE USE only. If you want to create designs for commercial purposes (card for clients), you have to create your own designs. I ask for your understanding, that I am not a teacher – but a designer. I don’t teach the creation of pop-up cards. If you want some general advice, please refer to the FAQ section on my website: https://peterdahmen.de/en/faq/#FAQ004 In general, you can hire me to create new pop-up cards for clients – but at the moment (March 2016), I am fully booked, therefore, I can’t accept any new order on short notice. For more informations, please send me an email message to info@peterdahmen.de Thank you. With best regards, Peter

  • Hi Peter, just made your Peony card for my mum for Mothers Day. Fantastic. She will be well pleased. Thank you so much. Your work is fabulous. X

  • I want to make a pop up castle like the fairytale castles. but i cant find a tutorial to make one. Can u help me out in this regard. wish i will receive a quick reply.

  • Wow this is amazing. My mothers birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her a special card and this would be perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Peter, Im trying to put a gradient mesh on the petals on your Blank Pattern but everytime I open it on Photoshop it’s asking me for a password which I can’t find anywhere on your page

    • Dear Dustin, yes, you are right – the pdf file is protected by a password. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I have made bad experiences with open files. Here are three methods, how you can still print gradients onto the petals: 1) Open the pdf file in Acrobat reader, make a screenshot of each page, open the screenshots in Photoshop and add the gradient – or 2) Print the pdf file, put the printed pages aon a flatbed scanner, open the scans in Photoshop and add the gradient – or 3) Print the pdf file, put the printed sheets back into your printer – and print a gradient on top of the printed sheets. I hope, that I could help you! With all best, Peter

  • Hello Peter, I am a long-time fan of your amazing work – an engineer and an artist! I use your templates as a basis to transform some of the elements into fabric structures. I have been creating fabric pop ups, using your recommendations on paper weights to determine the type of fabric (organza to heavy cottons, silks and satin) and I sew very close seams for the folds and creases. I am now working to translate your peony flower into a fireworks display in satin and organza. Thank you so much for your generous templates as these are the basis of my fabric designs. Best wishes.

    • Thank you, Mary, for your kind comment. I have visited your website and I am deeply impressed to see your beautiful and amazing artworks. Keep up the great work! With all best, Peter

  • Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant. really enjoyed the challenge and love the finished card, I’ve bookmarked you and will certainly be doing more of these for my friends and family. thank you so much Peter for sharing your wonderful ideas and your easy to follow tutorials. i do several crafts and card-making has taken a bit of a backseat recently. You have inspired me to bring it back to the front seat,

  • Peter, desde la Ciudad de México muchísimas gracias! Fue una tarjeta ideal para el cumpleaños de mi esposa. De pronto no es muy fácil seguir las instrucciones pero con mucho cuidado el resultado es asombroso.
    Eres el mejor Peter, saludos.

    • Dear Jorge Alberto, thank you for your kind message! I am very pleased that you were able to create a beautiful birthday card for your wife. Greetings from Dortmund (Germany) to Mexico, Peter

      (Traducido con Google)
      Estimado Jorge Alberto, gracias por su amable mensaje! Estoy muy satisfecho de hecho se haya podido crear una hermosa tarjeta de cumpleaños para su esposa. Saludos desde Dortmund (Alemania) a México, Peter

    • Dear Rio, to create petals with more than one color, (like the pink and white flower in my video), you need to print a colored gradient on all pages that are needed for the petals. Instead of printing, you may also paint each of the elements with color before you assemble them. But keep in mind, that the blossom is made of 11 pieces, and you have to paint (or print) on both sides. This makes so much effort, that I decided, not to show it in my video. Unfortunately, there is no quick method to do this. I hope that I could help you. All the best, Peter

  • Absolutely awesome Peter. You are a marvel and so very generous in sharing your creations. I struggled with getting the flower together but I am so please with the results. Unfortunately…you must be using A4 paper while we in Canada have a shorter version (27.9 cm) and I cannot get the complete greenery on the sheet when printing. Can I suggest you might squeeze the leaves together in the middle of the sheet and put the info around the outside edges. That way us foreigners with strange paper sizes wouldn’t miss out on anything if the last bit of paper didn’t print.

    Thank you again, Dianna

    • Dear Dianna, many thanks for your kind comment. I just changed the template according to your suggestions and I hope, that it will now fit on a sheet of paper in “letter” size. Please download the pdf again. (Please note, that I didn’t change the name of the file.) All the best, Greetings from Germany to Canada, Peter

      • Peter, you are so generous with your time and patience. Taking the time to change your template just for us Canadians is awesome 🙂 It worked wonderfully. Hugs from Canada!

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