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recommended websites

Best Pop-Up Books
The Movable Book Society

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book recommendations

Carol Barton
The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume I: Basic Forms
The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 2: Platforms and Props
The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 3: V-Folds

David A. Carter, James Diaz
The Elements of Pop-Up – A Pop-Up book for aspiring paper engineers
You can find all the pop-up structures that are shown this book on David A. Carters website.
Das Pop-Up Handbuch – Basiswissen für angehende Pop-up-Künstler und Papieringenieure

Emily Gregory
Pop-Up Cards – Step-by-step instructions for creating 30 handmade cards in stunning 3-D design

Helen Hiebert
Playing with Pop-ups – The Art of Dimensional, Moving Paper Designs
Pop-Up! – Spielerische Projekte für dreidimensionales Papierdesign

Paul Jackson
The Pop-Up Book – Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Over 100 Original Paper Projects

Guy Petzall
Ullagami, Volume 1 – 5

Trish Phillips, Ann Montanaro
The Practical Step-By-Step Guide to Making Pop-Ups & Novelty Cards – A How-To Guide to the Art of Paper Engineering

Jean-Charles Trebbi
The Art of Pop-Up – The magical world of three dimensional books
L’Art du pop-up et du livre animé

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collections of free tutorials

Kelli Anderson – Cut / Fold Templates
Best Pop-Up Books – Huge DIY Pop-Ups Update!
Canon Creative Park – Pop-up Cards
Peter Dahmen – Kostenlose Anleitungen für Pop-Up-Karten
Peter Dahmen – Free Tutorials for Pop-Up Cards
Hiroko Momoi – free printable wedding pop-up cards
Horsey – Original Pop-up Cards
Jeguridos – Pop Up (in Spanish language)
Kagisippo – Free Templates for Pop-Up Cards
Kirigami Smith – Kirigami Arts
popupology – Origamic Architecture – Free Pdf Downloads
Matthew Reinhart – Pop-Up Templates
Annelies Smit van Hüüksloot – Papyromania – publications concerning paper engineering
The Movable Book Society – Links – Want to learn more about movable and pop-up books?
Sjoerd Zeilstra = Dit is de origami architectuur site van Sjoerd Zeilstra. (in Dutch language)

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free tutorials for single projects

Guy Petzall – How to Construct an Ullagami Model
scribblestreet – Tiger pop-up card
ENT Surgeon Dr Sonia –Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects
Tatiana Stolyarova – Lotus Flower (Instructions in English and in Russian language)

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Youtube Playlists

Elod Beregszaszi – Paper Love Bundle
Duncan Birmingham – The Pop-Up-Channel
Grajillalibre – Free pop-up tutorials and templates
Peter Dahmen – Tutorials
Fapmid – Kirigami Tutorials
hazregalos – Tarjetas  (Instructions in Spanish language with English subtitles)
Jeguridos – Tarjetas  (Instructions in Spanish language)
Kagisippo – Tutorial (Free Templates)
Matthew Reinhart – Pop-up Master Class with Matthew Reinhart

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video tutorials for single projects

Elod Beregszaszi – Pop Up Eiffel Tower Card Tutorial – Origamic Architecture
Cherry Bomb – Twirl Pop Up Baby Card
hazregalos – Tarjeta Pop-Up Flores 3D – DIY – 3D Flowers Pop up card (eng. sub.)
Hiroko Momoi – pop-up bird cage
Jeguridos –  Card Pop Up castillo del principito by Jeguridos (in Spanish language)
shikaiderman – Animated optical illusion tutorial with plan (スキャニメーション)Анимация
shikaiderman – Turning Ring tutorial with Plan
Shoshi Platypus – Pop-Up Card with Piano Keyboard

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You can contribute to keeping this link collection up to date and growing! If you have a tip that is not yet listed on this page, or if you detect a broken link, please send me a message. (You can find a contact form here.) I will then add or correct this list accordingly.


  • Peter – I am a quilter and textile artist who retired to a teeny tiny island in the Caribbean. It is extremely difficult for me to obtain materials for my work and hobbies but I am able to obtain paper. Your blogs and website are providing an endless supply of ideas and motivation for me to participate in a new hobby. Thank you, thank you! Please keep up the good work. You are really helping me to keep my creative juices flowing!

    • Dear Aman Singh, I don’t understand, what you are asking for: HERE, right above your comment, I have published many links which lead to HUNDREDS of video tutorials and free templates. If you didn’t find, what you are looking for on the list above, I can’t help you. Just look on THIS page (juts scroll upwards above the comment section), click on the links – and explore!! YOu will find hundreds of templates and free video tutorials. I wish you every success and much fun. All the best, Peter

    • Many thanks for your kind words. If you want to learn how to create pop-ups yourself, please have a look at the following website. There you will find many tips, book recommendations and free tutorials: But apart from that, I think that the fastest way to learn is to try it out. I myself learned the most of my skills through trial and error. And you can do it too! I wish you every success and much fun. All the best, Peter

    • Hi Des, I am sorry that you couldn’t send me an email – I have no idea, why this didn’t work. I just sent you an email. Please try to answer it by hitting the “reply” button. Thanks! I look forward to hearing back from you. All the best, Peter

  • Hello Peter, i am ungraduated student from Indonesia, i found your video on your youtube before. can i ask you a couple question about this Pop Up ? oh yaa, right now i struggling with Research and Build Pop Up project.
    My question is About how to design and how to fold a Pop Up. i am struggling because i can’t found a precicion line to fold that object.

    • Dear Khafid Akbar,
      thank you very much for your comment.
      However, I am very surprised that you wrote this comment on THIS exact page where I am sharing dozens of helpful links that already answer your question.

      In the first section of THIS webpage (just scroll to the top of this page), I am sharing several book recommendations.
      You could try to find these books in your local library – or you can try to buy them online.

      If you don’t want to spend money on books, you can watch several FREE videos and find FREE online tutorials and templates.
      If you scroll down on the webpage (link above), you’ll find several links to free videos.

      As a start, I am recommending „The Pop-Up Channel“ on YouTube.
      (the link is listed above on this web page – just scroll up to find it)
      In 90 videos, the designer and teacher Duncan Birmingham explains all basic pop-up techniques.
      These videos are free to watch.

      Everything else will be personal practice. In general, I think, that you will learn most, if you just try it out.

      I myself learned most through trial and error, by hours and hours of practical experience.
      When I started to create pop ups (more than 34 years ago), I had no teacher, but only some books which explained the basic techniques.
      Now, with access to the whole internet, you will be able to find all basic knowledge online – for free.

      From my point of view, this is all you need to know – everything else will be you personal style – you will have to find, what works (and what doesn’t work) by practical experience.
      Just like a sportsman, who can’t learn to play football just be reading books
      or a musician, who can’t learn to play a musical instrument just by watching music videos,
      you can’t learn paper-engineering (the creation of pop-ups) without practicing it yourself.
      Don’t give up if you fail – try again with slightly changes. Finally you will succeed.

      I hope that I could help you.
      I wish you every success and much fun with the creation of your own paper artworks!
      All the best

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