Now it’s happened. Facebook has permanently hidden some of your posts. (But mine too).

No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke. The extensive collection of helpful tips, which I had built up with your help over the last few years, is no longer fully available on Facebook.

Since May 3, 2011 I had collected links to free tutorials and book recommendations on pop-ups on my Facebook page. Many of my Facebook fans participated and posted links to templates or helpful tips. In the course of about seven years, a list of more than 140 entries had been compiled. Since some links led not only to a single book or tutorial, but to entire collections, I guess that the list had led to several hundred tips.
But that’s over now. Recently, only the last entries are displayed in my Facebook thread. The button “Show previous comments” is apparently no longer available in this thread. As a result, all older contributions can no longer be called up. Instead of the original 140 comments, you will see only about 20 entries.
(Original link:

Maybe the button “Show previous comments” will reappear sometime. But that has now become too uncertain for me.

Unfortunately I have not saved the links in a separate file (outside of Facebook). I will be able to reconstruct some of my own contributions from my memory, but much has now been lost. I’m very sorry about that.

What am I going to do?

I will not delete my Facebook fan page. (At least not in the short term).
But since it is obvious that you can’t rely on this platform, I won’t post articles on Facebook in the future that can’t be found elsewhere on the Internet.

I will create a new list of free tips here on my website.

You can help me with this task! If you have a book recommendation or a link to a free tutorial or a template for pop-up cards that is not yet on the list, please write me. (You can find a contact form here). I will then add to the list bit by bit.
I will not continue the “old” Facebook thread. I am sure that with your help I can make a list with many helpful tips again in the next months. You won’t find the new list on Facebook anymore, but only here on my website.
I will publish a link shortly. Please give me a few days.

UPDATE from April 3, 15:00 (CEST)

It seems that some people still see the old entries. (But it still doesn’t work for me.) I just received an email with screenshots of all odlder entries. With their help I will try to reconstruct all the tips.
THANKS for the quick help!

I will publish a link shortly. Please give me a few days.

UPDATE from April 3, 23:57 (CEST)

The new webpage is now online! You can find it here.



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