A new lettering for the fireworks card

It’s always nice to receive emails from fans – but this time I was really happy. A few days ago Kristijan Vulinovic sent me an additional lettering for the pop-up card “Fireworks”. Since the existing lettering “Happy Birthday” and “Happy New Year” did not fit the occasion for which he wanted to give away the fireworks pop-up card, he took the time to design the lettering “Congratulations” himself.

He asked me to include his template in the PDF file, so that he is not the only one to benefit from it. Isn’t that super nice of him? Of course, I was very happy to do so – and I am looking forward to sharing the additional draft with you. You can now use three different ready-made letterings.
Thank you, Kristijan!

The tutorial video and the link to the new PDF file can be found here.


  • It´s so beautiful!! I love your work. I´m primary school teacher from Argentina. We study your work with my group.

  • I love 💗 your work. When I was teaching math at an alternative school, I had the students make 3-D cards. It was some of my best memories as a teacher. Yes the most unlikely students in Houston, TX enjoyed the applications of math. I am not in the classroom teaching, but I will spread this to as many as I can. Thank you 🙏🏿 for your great work.

    • Dear Rosemary, many thanks for your kind message. 🙏 😊 I am very happy that you like my tutorials and that you could use them successfully for your math classes. The use of pop-up cards is a very clever approach to arouse the students’ interest in mathematics. This great! Thank you for spreading the word. All the best, Peter

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