In early 2020, I received the most exciting commission I could have ever imagined. For the stop-motion animated film “Wendell & Wild”, I was commissioned to design my most elaborate pop-up paper sculpture to date, with an incredible amount of detail: An entire amusement park. I worked on it for five months. The final model consists of more than 1370 individual parts.

Here you can see a video of opening and closing the pop-up sculpture:

I sent my pop-up model to the film production company in Portland, Oregon (USA). The stop-motion animation artists made more models based on my plans and design specifications, which were then animated in stop-motion technique so that all the carousels move in the film. The film premiered on October 28, 2022 and is now available on Netflix.

Project: Pop-up sculpture “The Dream Faire”
Size opened: approx. 61 cm x 43 cm x 22 cm
Size closed: approx. 20 cm x 36 cm x 4.6 cm
Material: paper, cut, folded, glued,
Design and model making: Peter Dahmen
Year of creation: 2020
Release: 2022 in the stop-motion animated film “Wendell & Wild” on Netflix, directed by Henry Selick, written by Henry Selick & Jordan Peele.
Paper: Invercote G in various weights, mainly 240  g/m²
Client: Netflix Animation