Tutorial: Pop Up Card “Christmas Tree”

I created a new tutorial video for you. You can customize the colors and the decor for the Christmas tree according to your taste. The creation of the pop-up card needs some time, but I think that the outcome is worth the effort. Here is a short video with a few design ideas:

Watch the video tutorial in full lenght here.
You may activate english subtitles by clicking on the small “gear”:

The template can be downloaded here for free: christmastree.pdf
For private use only! No commercial use!

You will find more free tutorials in my Youtube channel.


  • I love this pop up Christmas tree. I now what my family and friends will get for 2018 Christmas card. I did your Endless Love card for a friend for their valentines.

  • Very pretty ! And not so simple… 🙂 THANK YOU for the sharing <3
    Très joli ! Et pas si simple… 😉 MERCI pour le partage <3

  • I have just made the Christmas Tree, with great success, as a present for a friend who loves working with paper as much as I do. I have only recently discovered your website- your work is a real inspiration. Thank you for generously sharing your ideas

  • Thank you. LOVE THIS!! Can’t wait to try it. Mom loved her pop up honeycomb flower so I’m sure the folks will love this too.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your creativity like this and being so thorough with your instructions which makes it so easy to recreate what you do! Will follow you for more wonderful paper works of art.

  • Thank you Peter.

    Your work and your generosity of sharing the template is beautiful. The instruction tutorial is thorough and well done. Will soon have some delayed surgery and be off my foot for a couple months. I am locating the proper materials so that I am ready to work on making the pop up Christmas tree cards during my time home. My goal is 25 cards before I go back to work. I’ll have nothing but time while recovering.

    Thanks again!

    Brian. South Florida

  • Merry Christmas. Thank you for so generously sharing your methods and templates. It’s a beautiful card with lots of room for creativity.

  • Dear Mr Dahmen,
    Your pop-up cards are stunning! Thankyou so very much for sharing your templates and instructional videos. Family and friends are going to get a veru special Christmas card this year.

    Thank you again!


    • Dear Wanda, many thanks for your kind words. I am very happy that you like my tutorials – and I am sure that your family and friends will appreciate your pop-up creations!! Have a wonderful Christmas time! 🙂 All the best, Peter

    • Dear Ramya, many thanks for your comment. No, unfortunately, it is NOT possible to print the tempate in color, because I used ready-made papers, that I bought in a store for handy craft articles (artist’s supplies / DIY). Some of my designs are decorated by hand, so all these Christmas Trees are single, unique pieces. There is no other option for you, than to create your own color desig for your tree. YOu may color the finished paper object – or you may use ready-made colored papers before you assemble it. please watch the video! In the video, I am explaining, how it works. I hope that I could help you. All the best, Peter

  • This is such an amazing tutorial with easy to follow steps and instructions, thank you Peter! I’m going to make this one but just want to ask you one question: Would you recommend me to print this out on A3 papers instead of A4 if I want it to be bigger size? Or would it be too big and unstable of I were to do that?

    • Hi Robert, many thanks for your kind komment. I am happy that you like my pop-up tree tutorial. I have never tried myself to make it bigger than the size that I am showing in my video – but I am sure, that it will be possible to scale it up from A4 to A3. I can’t give you a general answer, because it will depend on the paper that you choose. For the “inner structure” of the tree, you should use strong cardboard (card stock), while the “surface” of the tree will probably work better with (thick) paper. Just try it out! I wish you every success and much fun. ALl the best, Peter

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