Tutorial: Amazing Pop-Up Card

In January 2011, I published my first tutorial on Youtube. The video has now been watched more than 4.6 million times. (Click here to see the original video from 2011).
Since I have received many comments from people who didn’t like the music, I decided to create a new version in September 2017 with different music:

The template can be downloaded here for free: pop-up-template (PDF, 313 KB)
For private use only! No commercial use!

You will find more free tutorials in my Youtube channel.


  • I like you sr your papper pop up cards are very nice very beautifull…I also want to study your pop up card how to make,. so sr.your are making pop up cards sr you make pop up cards video put in vidmate or youtube or chrome your are a best papper maker your papper crafts are very super,I inpresed,,,

    • Dear JIBIL, thank you very much for your kind message. I am very happy that you like my pop-up designs!
      In general, I think, that you will learn most, if you just try it out. I myself learned most through trial and error, by hours and hours of practical experience. When I started to create pop ups (more than 27 years ago), I had no teacher, but only some books which explained the basic techniques.
      But today, you don’t even need to buy a book – because there’s Youtube! So you will be able to get all these informations for free.
      Do you know the You Tube channel of Duncan Birmingham? It is called the pop-up-channel – and he explains all the basic techniques very well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx2M2bGHtXBszG6tuR_NIbQ From my point of view, this is all you need to know – everything else will be you personal style – you will have to find, what works (and what doesn’t work) by practical experience. Don’t give up if you fail – try again with slightly changes. Finally you will succeed.
      Do you have a Facebook account? 
      As you might know, I share a lot of free templates on my Facebook fanpage. Maybe that helps to get started. Please have a look at this list. It contains many links to templates, book-recommendations and video tutorials. (Not only from me, but from different paper artists.): https://www.facebook.com/Peter.Dahmen.Papierdesign/posts/162295743829482 Even if it is a Facebook-page, you should be able to see it – even without having an own Facebook account. (But I am not sure, if this works in every country in the world). Don’t forget to click on the „show previous comments – button“, because the list contains even more entries, than you can see at first sight.
      Furthermore, I share some personal tutorials on my website: https://peterdahmen.de/en/category/tutorials/
      Finally, the website „best pop-up books“ published a new webpage with many resources: http://www.bestpopupbooks.com/huge-diy-pop-ups-update/
      I hope, that I could help you with my answer. If you have more questions, please have a look at my „FAQ“ page (frequently asked questions) on my website: https://peterdahmen.de/en/faq/ I wish you every success and much fun with your own paper creations. With all best, Peter

  • Thank you Sr you are great man…I search in vid mate “how to make peter Dahmen pop up cards””I search this way but didn’t come anything flower pop up card only came ….I want study to make pop up card I have very interest to make pop up card sr you are a great man…..I net look some are not nice sr yours pop up card are very super… I wish you a very sucessfull time sr you make so much pop up cards…Thank you for your comment very thankyou I make make make and study pop up very I like you sr and your pop up card


      • Dear JIBIL, no, I won’t give you my cellphone number. I ask for your understanding, that I can’t give you any personal advice. As you might have noticed, I have more than 195’000 fans on Facebook and more than 100’000 subscribers on Youtube. It is impossible for me to have a personal conversation with so many people. Please understand, that I am not a teacher, but just a designer. I simply don’t have enough time to talk to everybody. I wish you every success with your own projects. All the best, Peter

  • Ok Sr i have no sad I say to give your wars app number to chat and pop up cards making videos to see and make that why’s only I said to give your what’s app number sr you put one link no this way s ‘www.peterdahmen pepper make.com”that ways sr you put in chrome the making vedeos of pop up cards please…sr I say to u all the best to u for make many cards I wish you all the best for u but i didnt want your whatsapp number but sr you put in vidmate or youtube this vedeos of making of pop up card and i am saying to u were are best friends


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