Universal Flower Pop-Up Card Tutorial

I created a new tutorial video for you. With just one template, you can design pop-up cards with different floral motifs to suit your taste.  Watch the video tutorial in full lenght here. You may activate english subtitles by clicking on the small “gear”:

The template can be downloaded here for free: universal_flower_pop-up_card_template.pdf
For private use only! No commercial use!

You will find more free tutorials in my Youtube channel.


  • Thank you for sharing the template. I make cards and someone will be smiling when I make them this card. And you helped.

    • Dear Harry, many thanks for your comment. It is very, very easy, to create the petals yourself. If you watch the video, you will see how it works. I wanted to create a GENERAL template which gives you the opportunity to create the kind of flower that you like best. So you can create your personal design. That’s the reason, why I won’t publish a template for the flowers. Just try it yourself, don’t be scared. I am sure that will make it! I wish you every success and much fun. All the best, Peter

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