Video-Dokumentation über meine Arbeit: „The Magic Moment“

Im Jahr 2013 hat der amerikanische Filmstudent Christopher Helkey (Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles) während eines Auslands-Semesters in Deutschland eine Dokumentation über mich und meine Pop-Ups gedreht.
Seit dem Herbst 2014 ist der Kurzfilm (7:30 min) endlich online verfügbar. Viel Spaß!

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  • Sir,
    I am interested in make such good paper folding as in your video can you send me the Tutorial of it.
    I will bw most thankful to you

    Narendra Panchal

    • Dear Narendra, many thanks for your praise. I am happy that you like my paper artworks. Please understand, that I don’t share the plans for EVERY artwork, that I have ever created. Especially the video „the magic moment“ shows several pop- up sculptures, which are single, unique pieces of art. If you click on the „tutorial“ button, you will find all designs, that I share for free. Furthermore, I have created a list with free templates from OTHER designers. You can find the link on my page with „frequently asked questions“ (FAQ). If a certain design is NOT on this list, it is not available for free. I hope, that I coud help you with this information. With all best, Peter

  • Thank you sir As Yesterday I made Flower Card , True Love newer Ends also I want to make big card making of tower long folding as shown in Six Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

    • Dear Narendra, congratulations for making so many pop-up cards in such a short time! Concerning the „tower“ – this might also be a misunderstanding. The paper sculptures in my videos „six amazing pop-up paper scultures“ and „five awesome pop-up paper sculptures“ are unique pieces of art. I am sorry, but I don’t share the templates for these artworks. Please hava a look at the links that I have sent you in my last comment. There you will find all available templates. With all best, Peter

  • I came by your work on youtube and went through all of your works on your website, and I have been hooked on since the morning. The moment you open the card there is a movement like something is getting created from a 2d plane… It looks magical in the videos, i wonder how good it must look when you look at it live! Lots of respect for your work and i hope we all get to see some more of these art from you in the future.

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