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    • Dear Saeed, many thanks for your message. I am happy that you like my paper designs.
      I created the jewelry box design for my client Highcon, a company who invents machines for the printing and packaging industry. (www.highcon.net). I sold the license for my design to this company, only this company has the right to produce these boxes. Unfortunately, they are not selling these boxes, but they use the design as a sample, to show what can be produced on the Highcon machines.
      It is very likely, that the pop-up box will come to the market in the future. Every client who buys a machine from Highcon (an industrial machine which does digital cutting and creasing), will receive the plans for the ring box (along with dozens of other templates). It is only a matter of time, before one of these printing houses will start to produce such boxes. Unfortunately, MOST of these printing houses are searching for „quick & easy“ products – but the assembling of one ring box needs approx. 15 minutes … so they all start with OTHER products. But I am sure, that there will come the day, when these boxes are sold on the market.
      So unfortunately, these boxes are not for sale yet – and I am not allowed to share the templates.
      I am very sorry, that I can’t help you with this issue.
      With all best,
      Peter Dahmen

  • Good Day Mr. Dahmen,

    Your Pop ups are definitely a cut above the rest. Pardon the pun. I do understand and realize of the commitment you are bound to not selling and sharing the template for the Pop up Clamshell Jewelry box. Would you be able to identify the type of paper used for the best fold and clean finish. . I have a special ring I will be surprising my wife with after 10 years of marriage. I have been experimenting with pop up art and it definitely is a challenging art. I can appreciate what goes into even a simple card. Thank you for your time and I enjoy the templates that are available. Enjoy the Holidays. Cpt Buck

    • Dear Cpt Buck, many thanks for your comment. I am happy that you like my paper designs. Unfortunately, it is difficult to name a certain type of card stock, because I don’t know if it is available in your country. I created my white mock up from card stock with a weight of 230 g/m². The paper that I used is called Fedrigoni Splendorgel extra white. My client created boxes from Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl in 230 g/m² and they look fantastic. Another good choice is the paperboard Invercote Creato from Iggesund. You can choose between may different weights. I recommend a weight between 180 and 220 g/m². But you may also use offset printing paper or paper that is used for digital printing. Make sure that it is not too thick – but still stiff enough. It also depends on the actual paper engineering that you are going to build. Sometimes, you may use thinner paper and laminate several layers to make it sturdy enough. I hope that I could help you! All the best, Peter

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