Pop-up sculpture for a real estate project

On behalf of the company Michael Kimmerle Immobilien, together with the advertising agency Rembrandt Hennig, I designed a pop-up scene that shows the real estate project “Quartier VII / 2” in Dresden (Germany) as a three-dimensional model. The so-called “Jüdenhof” consists of several buildings that enclose an inner courtyard. The development of the structural design was a great challenge, because as many architectural details as possible should be implemented into the pop-up scene. Among many other details, I even succeeded in showing the supporting structure for the glass roof in the inner courtyard in the paper sculpture.

In the video you can see the pop-up in motion:

Dimensions, closed: approx. 270 x 300 mm,
Dimensions, open: approx. 540 x 300 mm,

Client: Michael Kimmerle Immobilien
Art direction and graphic design: Werbeagentur Rembrandt Hennig
Pop-up design and paper engineering: Peter Dahmen
Production: Albrecht GmbH