Magic Floating Cube (Optical Illusion)

In my video you will see the illusion of a floating cube. If you want to know how I did it, just watch the video until the end. From the 28th second, you can see how it works.

You may create your own “Magic Floating Cube”. Just download the free template here: Magic_Cube_Tutorial (PDF, 463 KB)
For private use only! No commercial use!

You will find more free tutorials in my Youtube channel.


    • Dear Sue,

      I already sent you the link to the template in my last reply. For your convenience, I just sent you the PDF file by email. Just open the PDF file, and you will see, that it contains just the „floating“ cube. Please note, that the design and the templates are only free for private use. Any commercial use is prohibited.
      With all best

  • I just found you on YouTube….you are fantastic. Can’t wait to try some of your ideas….so many can’t choose!!!

    • Dear Kara, many thanks for your comment. I just tested the pdf file – and it can be printed. But you need to open it with „Adobe Acrobat“ or „Adobe Acrobat Reader“. This is necessary, because I protected the file from being altered – and so it can’t be printed in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or any other software. You can download the „Acrobat Reader“ for free on the internet. I hope, that I could help you. With all best, Peter

  • I have just found your site, thank you so much for sharing such incredible designs. I will try doing the flower over the weekend for my friends birthday, thank you so much once again.

  • Hi Peter, I really like your work. I will be having a community program at a school, introduction to pop up art. Can I use your material for the free workshop for school children?

    • Dear Nidar Zahar, many thanks for your kind comment! I am very happy that you like my pop-up desigs. Yes, you may use all of my free tutorials and templates for your free workshops for school children. Please note, that my tutorials have different levels of difficulty – so please check, if the desired template is suitable for children of a certain age. I wish you and your pupils every success and much fun! All the best, Peter

  • Hi Peter, this is Tanmay Singhania. All your creations are fantabulous. Actually could you post a template of your pop up art that is in this video of yours :- .
    Wish you best of luck. Hope to receive a positive reply.
    Thankyou very much.

    • Dear Tanmay Singhania, many thanks for your kind words. I am happy that you like my pop-up creations. But this seems to be a misunderstanding. The paper objects in the video are single unique pieces of art. I create them only personally and only on order in a limited edition of 25 items worldwide. My clients are museums and private collectors. Please understand, that I can‘t sell my artworks and share the plans for free at the same time. All available templates can be found on my webpage „Tutorials“ (Just click on the button on top of my website). If a certain design is not on this list, it is not available as a free template. I hope that I could help you. All the best, Peter

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