“U – Tower” DOrtmund (Pop-Up-sculpture, 360° view)

Project: Creation of a foldable sculpture from paper and card stock, inspired by the tower of the “Dortmunder U”, a former brewery, which is now converted into a museum.
Measures: 420 x 297 x 155 mm (open); 210 x 297 x 10 mm (closed)
Client: Personal projekt,  free work, single piece
Design: Peter Dahmen
Furthermore, I  created a 180° pop-up card with the same motif, which is available on the market:

“U – Tower” Dortmund (Pop-Up Card, 180° view)

The appearance of the pop-up card changes by different images that can be inserted behind the windows.

Project: Creation of a pop-up card with colored inlays for different occasions
Measures: 320 x 116 x 60 mm (open); 160 x 116 x 2 mm (closed)
Year of publication: 2010
Client: Gollnow Paper Creations, Dortmund
Design: Peter Dahmen

The local newspaper “Ruhr Nachrichten” have reported  about this card on December 9, 2010. The article, many photographs and a video can be found here. (Only available in german language).

The pop-up card is available in many shops in Dortmund, Germany. Furthermore, you may order it online here .