Letters from the Sky

For Iggesund Paperboard, I created a greeting card, which is also a foldable decoration. It can be used to create thousands of different snowflake images. In total, you can create 44716 different snowflakes. (If you are interested in the mathematics behind this project, you may download a PDF file with the exact calculations here.)

Please watch the video “Letters from the Sky”:

Video produced by Content Innovation for Iggesund Paperboard.


(Please click on the images to start an animation)

The video and the images below are just showing a small fraction of the possible combinations:

For the production of the Snowflake Card, we used the newest technology from Highcon. If you want to learn more about the production process, please read the interview with Yaron Eshel, application specialist at Highcon: How Highcon turned paperboard into snow

For more information, please  visit the Iggesund website: www.Iggesund.com/snowflake2016

Please see also my blog article “Thousands of Snowflakes in one Card

Project: Creation of greeting card, that is also a foldable decoration to create thousands of different snowflake images. It can also be used as a standing or hanging ornament.
Dimensions, opened: approx. 34 x 37 cm
Dimensions, closed: approx. 115 x 135 mm
Production: Digitally cut and creased on a Highcon® Euclid III by Maison Lack, France
Client: Iggesund Paperboard, Sweden